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The Irony Is

The one person in the world I might twist myself into a pretzel for

Has decided to give up bread.

Not exactly a poem, is it?  Not exactly a joke although I’m laughing

In between the quiet moments of not.

It is, after all, the wounded deer that jumps highest

Hoping to fool everyone – perhaps even itself – by gleeful protest.



Forever sure doesn’t mean what it used to.

I should have listened

Paid attention

You’ll kill me… eventually

I hate sad endings

Happy ones too

Forever sure doesn’t mean what it used to.


back then

before you knew you were a star

they tried to cover your brilliance

shroud you in silence

dim the light

it didn’t work –

my darling it never could –

you are bright enough

to illuminate galaxies

and your fire cannot be quenched

by lowly storm clouds.

your scars are constellations

aurora borealis

in your eyes

the moon itself hangs inside your chest

I come to you seeking;

wondering at your midnight sky

sleepily I lay down my head


the deepest secrets of the cosmos.

looking out a window on a sunny day

Finger tips trace

The tender skin at my ankles

My wrists

I shiver


Years of days can’t erase

Your kiss

You lie

I sigh


Imagine your warm embrace

Your arms

So safe



These fantasies

Shaped like memories




Fingertips trace

The outline of your lips

Your skin

The world spins


Take me to Alaska

Promise me – in your igloo

There’s room

For two.





Song 1

Have a drink and tell me again

You love me and that’s why you’re leaving

Cut me up, be the asshole

That makes it easier to back away

To not stay. Not wait.

Take a breath and tell me again

I’m a queen, that’s why you’re abdicating

I’m your moon, on a dark night

It’s so confusing when you decide

To turn them on. The lights.

Be the guy, say the line again

Send love songs like a Morse code mixed tape

Then exhale and SOS

The ship has sailed, times up

You want to bail, it’s not enough.

Get drunk and tell me again

You love me and that’s why you’re leaving

Love is more than just a feeling

I don’t want to give it up

I just don’t want to.

Haven’t you ever had anything good?

Anything worth waiting for?

Is there something in you that doesn’t believe that you could?

I’d give up everything if you’d let me.

Have a drink and tell me again

You love me and that’s why you’re leaving

h o m e


There exists a place

Somewhere between daydreams and memories

I can feel it

Hidden beneath your surface

My heart knows the way.


I sneak inside

Close the door, shake the dust from my soul,

Tiptoe to the center

Curl up into the shape of your hurt

And lie with you


Warm, safe, and whole.


plagiarize me

copy my words

speak my longing

sing my heartbeat

convince me they are your own

leave me breathless


convinced you created it all

my heart is yours

your heart is mine

there is no pain here

only us

it’s divine, isn’t it?

this likeness

a dream unraveling

we are traveling

through each other

a love like no others have known

you seem restless


convinced I’m the source of it all

my soul is yours

your soul is mine

there is no one day

only now

it’s transcendent, isn’t it?

this bliss

you can’t accept it

a sincere gift

too many wounds

so use my words, my movements

make them yours

until the day

you feel safe enough

to love me.


I can’t sleep again

You say things but you don’t mean them


Change the rules so I can’t follow

Break me up, break me in

What is this?

Maybe the truth is you don’t know

Trying to keep up but my head spins


Can you be steady, be stable, go slow?

You say things I hope you mean them


Is there anywhere we couldn’t go?

I can’t sleep again.


i told you when we met

that eventually

you would have enough of me


i’m soft, i’m quiet,

i’m bold and fierce

i sway between telling you everything

and keeping my lips sealed

i’m tiny and helpless

i’m large and in charge

my spirit doesn’t know halfway

i use my whole heart

i told you in the beginning

enough would be too much

and now i sit here empty handed

alone, afraid, untouched

i’m light and boisterous,

giggly and free

i’m heavy and melancholy

woe is me

i’m brilliant and capable

i crave reassurance

generous and loving

needy and smothering


i told you when we met

that eventually

you would have enough of me


(i didn’t expect it to happen so fast.)