Self-Isolation Fun Facts

I am named after the Genet flower that originated in Italy and now blooms all over Europe.

Genet is bright yellow and smells like honey.  It’s sometimes used in perfumes.

My middle name Michelle is for Archangel Michael (Michel in French) and is translated to “Who is like God” in the original Hebrew.

I have the gift of claircognizance, clairsentience, clairempathy and on occasion, clairaudience.

I have freckles all over my body, and many of the groups or clusters of them are in threes, either in a pyramid shape, or a line (like the belt of Orion).

There is a birthmark on my neck.  My grandfather had the same birthmark on his foot.  My eldest aunt has it on her arm.  One person per generation gets the mark.  My son has it on his nose.

Sometimes I can hear singing in water.

Some of my dreams come true.

I can play a little piano and a little violin.

My most used and worn gems are moonstone, amethyst, and lapis lazuli.

I aspire to be a polyglot.  Right now I can speak English, French, and Spanish conversationally.  I can say a few sentences in Dutch and Russian, and I am working on Italian and ASL.

I value freedom and independence above all else.

I talk to the moon.

My tastes change, so I will not commit to a favorite movie, or music genre, or book.  As I evolve, so do my favorites. Right now I’m listening to Heilung and similar artists, watching Outlander, reading about witches in the time of persecution.

I am made of fire and stardust.

Laughter/humor/wit is the fastest way to my heart. I love love, and I love everyone.  Admiration is one step above love, because it means I like your mind.

I am fascinated when I read about contemporaries and peers from other times. For example, Fitz and Hemingway sharing a bourbon.  C.S. Lewis and Tolkien reviewing each others’ drafts over a pint.  Voltaire coming to parties at Madame du Staels home.  I am delighted to find out about friendships and acquaintances such as these.

Psychology was my major in college.  Anthropology was the most interesting class.  Humanities I was a close second.

My typing speed is 87 wpm with 100 percent accuracy, on a good day.

Tom Petty is my spirit guide, David Bowie is my spirit animal, and Stevie Nicks is everything else.

Hope you are all staying well, staying safe, taking care of your loved ones and treating your neighbors with love.  The world needs love.  xoxox



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