Playing Cards [journal]

[Sitting here shuffling with my tarot cards]

The Empress…

The Great Mother

Divine Feminine


The High Priestess…


Inner Knowing

Psychic Mistress

It doesn’t get any more GODDESS than this.

The Empress embodies all that is enchanting about womanhood.  She is soft, nurturing, seductive.  She is a siren, with lips that taste of honey and a voice that sends tingles up the spine.  At the same time she is playful, and forgiving, with a warm embrace designed to help you forget what hurts.  The High Priestess signifies connection with the divine.  She sits between two columns in the great Temple of Solomon, on which are inscribed the letters B and J.  Kings. (David and Solomon.) Strength. Wisdom. Seat of power. Observance. Keeper of knowledge, she divulges secrets to those with the courage to ask.

Of all the women I could emulate today, I hope to be like these.


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