I just got hit with one of the strongest incidents of deja vu I have ever experienced.  Now, as I try to write about it, it flickers in and out like a fly that keeps buzzing past my ear and when I reach up to grab it, it’s gone.

A dream. A message on my phone. An article on the internet about parenting.  This blog.  I told you about it! Or maybe I told someone else?  Years ago. I don’t know but I remember vocalizing it.  I knew I would sit at this desk. Knew I would re-meet you.  Knew I would get sad and process it and write about it.

So my higher self assured me that this is part of my journey.  That’s (sort-of?) reassuring.

I didn’t get to do any of what I’d hoped but, silver lining –

Spiritual growth is my consolation prize.


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