If you love me

(I think that you do)

I want you to tell the world.

Shout to the heavens, the stars, the moon

About your lovely, frustrating girl.

If I love you

(Possibly, I do)

I want to be your muse.

Inspiration, raison d’etre

The blood beneath your tattoos.

If you love me

(You say that you do)

You’ll write stories about me

About past lives, future adventures,

Our kingdom beyond the sea.

If I love you

(I say that I do)

I’ll show you my secret despair

For only you – who delight me so –

Could make me lay it bare.

If you love me

(I know that you do)

You’ll keep my heart with you.

It left my chest the day we met

In a moment of deja vu.

If I love you

(You know that I do)

Your heart is also mine.

I have always owned it, held it dear

Since the dawn of time.






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